I Hope To Shout

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Seven Years Later, What's Changed?

I  have not dreamed that I sleep in a MUNI bus shelter since my post below in 2008. My Suze Orman's worst nightmare scenario behind me. This does not suggest that I can actually afford retirement living in San Francisco or surrounding communities. Who knew the world would be an upside down mess?

Mayor Gavin Newsom now serves as California's Lt. Governor, I remain unclear what the Lt. does. Expect Newsom to run in the next Governor's race as Jerry Brown terms out. Kamala Harris serves as Attorney General and moved to Southern California. Harris will run for Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate seat as Boxer retires. 

Seven years later, my homeless neighbor continues shuffling up and down Nob Hill streets. He still looks frail and dirty. I still wonder where he sleeps, how he eats---how in the world has he survived? 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Snug as a bedbug in myMUNIspace

I slept snug as a bedbug on a foam mattress in a Muni bus shelter. Early morning sunlight cast a soft yellow glow around me. I didn't notice if it was one of Mayor Gavin Newsom's new three-sided "green" bus shelters. MyMUNIspace offered more shelter with three and one-half sides. Later, I stood in a dirty restroom taking what my Mother use to call a"spit" bath.

Fear gripped me down to my bones when I woke up. Is fear wrestling my subconcious dreams in the wake of a complete U.S. economic meltdown? Maybe. Am I beside myself at this mind-boggling trillion dollar debt we owe around the globe? Definitely.

Should I find a therapist or call Suze Orman? Consider me Suze's worst nightmare. I mastered Suze's list of 'do's and don'ts' long before this week's complete financial tsunami. FICO,SCHMICO. Suze, it feels way too late.

Then, I wondered.

Is fear cloaking the homeless man who shuffles up and down California Street, past Nob Hill's Grace Cathedral, luxury hotels, and dog walkers in Huntingdon Park? Sadness washes over me as I watch him from my seat on the cable car. He hugs "thin rail"arms to his chest, he carries nothing.

Yesterday, I began cleaning out things. Bits and pieces that I don't need, let alone have room for in my apartment. So, I'm taking all of this as a sign of change rather than a wake-up call.

And if anyone else out there experiences phobias about waking up with bedbugs in a Muni bus shelter, I'd like to hear from you. Who knows, maybe a C.W. Nevius column in The Chronicle about our plight could help others, too.